Internet marketing

Internet Marketing optimalisatie

By selected to include important keywords in separate (optimized) pages and ensure that the technology is not an obstacle for search engine robots, we help you find the robot (or spider) to be optimal path through these pages. For this we use only accepted, (legal) structure of pages that have always been very strong and which adhere to the principle “content = king”.

Paid Search Engine Marketing and responsible conduct online campaign

Outside optimizing websites and setting up and managing search engine advertising campaigns we manage the complete optimization and exploiting the opportunities that the Internet offers us: attract visitors, visitor behavior analysis and site (content / structure) optimize important is this the conversion analysis for all forms of conduct (online) campaign (affiliate marketing, banners, email marketing, etc.). This creates a sound platform campaign in which the various marketing campaigns can be measured accurately.

Advertising on the Internet: effective and measurable

Current studies show that when people are looking for something (private and business) more than 80% use a search engine, of which 80% use more than 90% of Google.

This shows how important it is to be listed in this search engine.

Since search results (paid or unpaid) are always connected to the keywords a user a great relevance is achieved at the target (user searches for “convention center” and will see the ads or websites of several providers). It is important to get to the top positions since attention is exponentially less as sites are lower in the results.

Range / Effectiveness

Advertisements in newspapers / papers are often placed ‘at random’, it is only measurable who booked nav an ad (provided this is explicitly laid down for each order). So there is a great deal of ‘waste’ because the ads are displayed to everyone rather than to those who look for it. There is also usually only one chance to get the reader with the ad text (at the time of reading). With Google it is possible to display targeted ads for a long time to those who are actually looking for.


Internet advertising is highly measurable. Every click can be captured and capture using statistics are very precise data on visitor behavior and analyze. Thereby substantially to justify every euro spent ad and see what welfare and what does not.

Wat voor websites maken wij?

In de afgelopen jaren hebben wij al vele succesvolle websites gemaakt in allerlei categorie├źn. Benieuwd naar wat voor websites wij maken?

Waar wacht je nog op?

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